Welcome To Women’s Wealth Coaching

Edited 180 (1 of 1).jpgWomen’s Wealth Coaching focuses on four major areas in your life. Each area needs to be in harmony with the other so that you don’t reach burn out. There are four areas of Wealth. Wealth as a whole will give you everything you need to full complete and powerful in your essence. The four areas are: relationships, self, health and finances.

Many of us women are so busy. We have multiple responsibilities. If you could multiply yourself, I’m sure you would make many of you. As a woman we have been given a huge gift. That gift is the ability to make connections to everything in our life. Through these connections we are able to reach different aspects of our life all at the same time. Sometimes we take on more than we should and trying manage all of it can be overwhelming. If you are like many of the women I know, you work, take care of your family, have a side business, are part of many organizations and cater to many people needs.

While all of this is commendable and makes you a super fucking hero. Yes you are a hero. There is always time to put your needs first. If you don’t put you first everything falls apart slowly and then all at once. You fall apart, get your shit back together and then the same thing happens just different circumstance. I am here to partner with you and guide you on a path that allows you to have what you want and feel excellent about it. You can breathe now because it’s all about you.

If you have ever compared yourself to someone and said to yourself, “How come I am not where they are yet?” That is a good question. The trick is to answer that question and take action. Answer the question and then move forward toward your desire.

I am here to assist you in your growth. I am going to be your personal coach to get your game plan into action and let go of mindsets that may not be serving you.  It is with all my heart that you dream big and achieve big. So what is stopping you??? Take action now!


Ashley Harkey